Rooster Booster 12-volt
free range friendly poultry lighting

Rooster Booster lighting chart - UK daylight hours

Timer Operation

The Rooster Booster has two automatic time setting options programmed into it, "Normal Mode" and "Natural Dusk Mode". These modes work in sympathy with the natural daylight. With both settings the combination of natural daylight and darkness will give the hens a 15-hour day of daylight and artificial light combined.

The differnece in the two operating modes

Normal Mode

The Rooster Booster is delivered set in "Normal Mode". In this mode if it falls dark within 12-hours from day break the Rooster Booster will automatically turn the lamps on when it gets dark. At the end of this 12-hour period the lamps will dim for a shot time, allowing the hens to find their roost, before going out.

Natural dusk mode mode

in "Natural Dusk Mode" the day length is set to run for 8-hours from day break. This means that the Rooster Booster will not normally have to turn the lamps within this period, allowing the hens to roost under natural conditions.

Protected night rest

Which ever setting you choose the hens will always have a 9-hour Night period befor the lamps come on in the morning before day break.

When the daylight exceed 12-hours, the timer will not switch to its night mode until the sensor detects dark, ensuring the hens always have a rest period. in the summer months when daylight exceeds 15-hours the rooster booster will close down until the days start to shorten again.

Timing Chart

Please use the timing chart on the right as a guide, the times a based on GMT.

It will be normal for there to be a delay in the sensor detecting the daylight in the morning especially on overcast days.