Rooster Booster 12-volt
free range friendly poultry lighting

Where we came from

Rooster Booster idea came after reading articles in the Country Smallholding magazine about how chickens need extra light in the winter to help them keep laying regularly.

Allthough there were systems for large comercial flocks where mains electricity was readly available, it appeared that there were no purpose built 12-volt lighting systems that could be used where mains electricity was not available.

I wanted it to be free-range friendly to help to produce eggs as naturally as possible and also have end of day dimming so the hens would go to roost before the lights went out. It needed to be simple to set up and the light to only be on when it was dark to maximise the time between battery charges.

Judging by the feedback I get from customers it has worked out very well and has proven to be very popular not just for people with a few hens but with larger more commercial flocks too.

The Rooster Booster was even used by the Big Brother TV Reality show "Celebrity Big Brother 2002" when they had some hens for the Housemates to look after.

It has evolved over the years with the added option to have a natural dusk i.e. with no artificial light in the evening and LED lighting that uses less power.