Rooster Booster 12-volt
free range friendly poultry lighting

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About the Rooster Booster

Day length is important to a hens egg production. As winter approaches and the days start to shorten, egg production will reduce or even stop! To overcome this artificial light can be used!

Powered by 12-volts, the Rooster Booster can be used in hen houses where mains electricity is not available. Connected to a battery (not provided), the rooster booster will provide light throughout the winter months, making it viable to keep hens in more remote areas.

Monitoring the 24-hour pattern of natural light and dark, the Rooster Booster timer adjusts it self so that it only comes on when it is dark in a 15-hour period, thus maximising time between battery charges and ensuring that the hens enjoy the benefits of natural daylight. At the end of the day, after a short dimming time, a night period of 9-hours begins; no artificial light is provided during this time allowing the hens to roost. Alternatively a NATURAL DUSK option can be selected to provide light only in the morning allowing the hens a natural dusk.

Rooster Booster 12-volt  standard lighting unit for small chicken houses

Rooster Booster Standard

Providing poultry lighting in small chicken houses is simple with the Rooster Booster Standard. if you only have 3 or more laying hens it is possible to Select 1, 2 or 3, bulbs to get the right lighting levels required for the smaller hen houses made for just a few chickens. More info

Rooster Booster multi for large or multiple checken houses

Rooster Booster Multi

The Rooster Booster Multi controller suits larger poultry houses or a number of houses where more light or multiple lamps are require. Supplied with one lamp, either fluorescent or LED additional lamps and be added and run from the one controller. More info

Solar powerd fan ventilator

Solar powered fan ventilator

Ideal for small poultry houses. The solar powered fan ventilator ventilates and extracts heat and odours. Weather and water resistant plastic housing. Size 150mm square x 56mm high, with separate mounting grille for interior surface. Hole cut-out size 130mm max. More info

Spare parts and assessories for Rooster Booster poultry lighting

Spares & Accessories

Supporting the Rooster Booster is very important help you to keep it running over many years or to extend your existing system. In order to do this we have a range of spares and accessories available like bulbs, fluorescent tubes, extension lamps, or light sensor assembly. More info